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Atmospheric Sciences Geology & Geophysics
Metallurgical Engineering Mining Engineering

College Stats

  • 547 Students Enrolled

  • 3.07 Average Undergraduate GPA
  • 25 Students is the Average Class Size

  • 12:1 Student to Faculty Ratio

  • 100% of Faculty have their Ph.D.



  • Mapping Salt Lake's Tap Water

    As Utah's population continues to grow, water managers and water scientists are looking more at water's journey to our taps. Yousuf Jameel and his colleauges, including Dr. Gabe Bowen, sampled tap water to study the various sources of water.

  • Isotope Sleuths

    They say that dead men tell no tales. A University of Utah spin-off company begs to differ. Hair, teeth and bone all preserve a record of where a person’s been – often an invaluable boon to law enforcement with no other leads to go off of.

  • Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award

    Kathy Liu, a senior at West High School, Salt Lake City won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award with a $50K scholarship in Phoenix this month. Kathy’s science project, “Natural Material-based Solid Polymer Electrolyte for High Performance Lithium Battery,” was done in laboratories of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, College of Mines and Earth Sciences, University of Utah, under the supervision of Dr. Xuming Wang, Research Professor in the department.

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