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  • 547 Students Enrolled

  • 3.07 Average Undergraduate GPA
  • 25 Students is the Average Class Size

  • 12:1 Student to Faculty Ratio

  • 100% of Faculty have their Ph.D.



  • A Stiff New Layer in Earth's Mantle

    By crushing minerals between diamonds, a University of Utah study suggests the existence of an unknown layer inside Earth: part of the lower mantle where the rock gets three times stiffer. The discovery may explain a mystery: why slabs of Earth’s sinking tectonic plates sometimes stall and thicken 930 miles underground.

  • Students Using TRAX for more than just Commuting

    Funded by the Utah Legislature, the 18-month project is the first of any major city to place air quality monitors on top of light rail trains. Two atmospheric sciences undergraduates involved in the research, senior Ben Fasoli and junior Luke Leclair-Marzolf, took some time to answer questions about their experience.

  • U honors students examine air quality, health and society in the state of Utah

    Unique course allows students to make changes in the community. A year-long honors Praxis Lab called “Air Quality, Health and Society” has afforded 10 students the opportunity to comprehensively study the problem and take matters into their own hands.

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