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About Our College

The College of Mines and Earth Sciences’ location in a mineral- and energy-rich geographical area provides a study and research environment that extends far beyond campus boundaries. Because of Utah’s mineral resources, the college is pivotal in developing a region increasingly vital to the nation’s mining and energy future.

The college consists of four academic departments that offer six majors and four baccalaureate and graduate degrees. All faculty have doctorates, at least one-third have significant industrial experience, and many retain ties to industry. In addition to teaching, faculty engage in a wide variety of research activities. Graduate students and some undergraduates also participate in research.

The College of Mines and Earth Sciences occupies the Frederick A. Sutton Building, the William C. Browning Building, Mineral Processing Lab (Building 58), Hedco Building (Building 57), Grinding Laboratory, and Mining Systems Research Laboratory (Building 59), and the Intermountain Network Scientific Computation Center.

Last Updated: 4/27/21