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Academic Advising

Academic advisors are here to help you succeed. As educators and problem solvers, they advocate for students as they navigate their personal journey of higher education and attain their academic goals. Through inclusion and connection, they open doors to new opportunities for self-awareness and growth, empowering students to define their roles as citizens within local and global communities.

Here are a few of the things our advisors can help you with:

Exploring academic options that support your personal and career interests.
Building a class schedule that accomplishes your academic goals and your timeline for graduation.
Connecting to university, college and department resources.
Building a foundation for a lifetime of success as a University of Utah College of Mines and Earth Sciences alum.


Samantha Davis

Director of Student Success

College of Mines and Earth Sciences

313 WBB | 801-585-5176


Michelle Brooks

Academic Advisor

Atmospheric Sciences

819 WBB | 801-581-6136

 Michelle Tuitupou

Michelle Tuitupou

Academic Advisor

Geology and Geophysics

383 FASB | 801-581-6553




Brenda Wicks

Undergraduate Advisor

Metallurgical Engineering

412 WBB | 801-581-6386




Pam Hofmann

Undergraduate Advisor

Mining Engineering

313 WBB | 801-585-5176




Last Updated: 3/8/19