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Faculty & Staff Directory

College of Mines and Earth Sciences

Name Position Department Phone E-Mail
Allaire, Leslie A. Administrative Manager Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-6137
Argyle, Kay Executive Secretary Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-6386
Bartley, John M. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-1670
Benson, Sally Research Associate Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-0008
Birgenheier, Lauren Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-3158
Blycker, Bill Systems Administrator Seismograph Stations  801-585-1879
Bowen, Brenda Associate Professor Geology & Geophysics/Biol. 801-585-5326
Bowen, Gabe Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-7925
Bowman, John R. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7250
Brooks, Michelle Academic Coordinator Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-6136

Brooks, Paul Professor Geology & Geophysics 801-585-2858

Brown, Francis H. Distinguished Professor Geology & Geophysics 801-581-6552
Burlacu, Relu Research Manager Seismograph Stations  801-585-7972
Burningham, Lorie Executive Secretary Dean's Office  801-581-8767
Butt, Darryl P. Dean Dean's Office  801-581-8767
Byrnes, Robert Research Device Specialist Mining Engineering  801-581-4003
Calizaya, Felipe Associate Professor Mining Engineering  801-581-5422
Carlson, Krista Assistant Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-587-9016
Cazedessus, Cooper Computer Professional Dean's Office 801-581-3485
Cerling, Thure E. Chair Geology & Geophysics 801-585-6656
Chan, Marjorie A. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-6551
Chandran, Ravi Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-7197
Cononelos, Louie Associate Professor Lecturer Mining Engineering  801-585-5176
Cooper, Steve Research Associate Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-0095
Crossman, Erik Research Assistant Professor Atmospheric Sciences &nbsp
Davis, Samantha Director, Student Activities & Advising Dean's Office  801-585-5176
Dinter, David Professor Lecturer Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7937
Drobeck, David L. Seismograph Technician Seismograph Stations  801-581-3150
Ekdale, Allan A. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7266
Fang, Zhigang (Zak) Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-8128
Farrell, Jamie Research Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics

Fernandez, Diego Research Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-587-9366
Free, Michael L. Associate Chair Metallurgical Engineering  801-585-9798
Galli, Chris Research Associate Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-1415
Garrett, Timothy Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-5768
Godsey, Holly Associate Professor Lecturer Geology & Geophysics  801-587-7865
Gorton, Connie Executive Secretary Geology & Geophysics 801-581-7162

Guruswamy, S. Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-7217
Hale, Mark Earthquake Information Specialist Seismograph Stations  801-585-9801
Hallar, A. Gannet Associate Professor Atmospheric Sciences 801-587-7238

Hatch, Corey Seismic Network Engineer Seismograph Stations  801-585-6034
Hatfield, Thea Administrative Assistant Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7062
Hethmon, Thomas Associate Professor Mining Engineering  801-581-7521
Hoch, Sebastian Research Assistant Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-7094
Hofmann, Pamela Administrative Manager Mining Engineering  801-585-5176
Horel, John D. Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-7091
Irmis, Randall Associate Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-6555
Jackson, Marie D. Research Associate Professor Geology & Geophysics 801-587-7865

Jewell, Paul W. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-6636
Johnson, Cari Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-3782
Johnson, Jeffrey Craig Associate Professor Mining Engineering  801-585-5176

Johnson, William P. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-5033
Kavala, Prasad Rao Research Professor Metallurgical Engineering
Kochanski, Adam Assistant Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-9487
Koopman, Mark Research Assistant Professor Metallurgical Engineering
Koper, Keith D. Director U of U Seismograph Station/ Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-3669
Krueger, Steven K. Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-3903
Lin, Fan-Chi Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-4373

Lin, John Associate Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-6136
Linford, David Associate Professor Mining Engineering  801-585-5176
Lippert, Peter Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-4599

Lucke, Nola Program Manager Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-4362
Mace, Gerald G. Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-9489
Mace, Wil Sr Laboratory Specialist Geology & Geophysics  801-585-5214
McCarter, M. Kim Professor Mining Engineering  801-581-8603
McKenzie, Jeff Adjunct Instructor Mining Engineering  801-581-5244  
McMullin, TJ Development Director Dean's Office  801-581-4414
Meier, Cindi Administrative Officer Seismograph Station  801-581-5538


Miller, Jan D. Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-5160
Mitchell, Elena Office Assistant Geology & Geophysics  801-585-7431

Miyagi, Lowell Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-6619

Misra, Manoranjan Chair Metallurgical Engineering  801-587-9769
Moore, Jeffrey Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-0491
Mower, LeAnna Accounting Specialist Dean's Office  801-585-1695
Nash, Barbara P. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-8587
Nelson, Michael Chair Mining Engineering  801-585-3064
Paegle, Jan Professor Emeritus Atmospheric Sciences
Paegle, Julia Professor Emeritus Atmospheric Sciences
Pankow, Kristine Associate Director Seismograph Stations  801-585-6484

Parker, Terrie

Sr. Accountant Dean's Office  801-585-6213

Pechmann, James C.

Research Associate Professor Seismograph Stations  801-581-3858
Pechmann, Judith Research Associate Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-1415
Perry, Kevin Chair Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-6138
Petersen, Erich U. Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7238
Petersen, Sheryl Staff Specialist Seismograph Stations  801-581-5538
Pu, Zhaoxia Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-3864

Pugh, Jesse Grant development Specialist Dean's Office 801-581-3893

Rajamani, Raj K. Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-3107
Reichler, Thomas Associate Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-0040
Rigby, Alan Research Manager Geology & Geophysics  801-587-5666
Ritterbush, Kathleen Assistant Professor Geology & Geophysics 801-587-8846

Roberson, Paul Earthquake Information Specialist Seismograph Stations  801-585-9745
Robl, Eugene Associate Instructor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-7321

Rogers, Pratt Adjunct Assistant Professor Mining Engineering  801-585-5176
Rusho, Jon Seismic Network Engineer Seismograph Stations  801-585-5523
Sahratian, Quintin Curator Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7209
Salomonson, Vincent Research Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-9492
Sarswat, Prashant Research Associate Professor Metallurgical Engineering
Sathyapalan, Amarchand Research Associate Professor Metallurgical Engineering
Simpson, Michael Associate Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-4013
Smith, Robert B. Research Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7129
Smith, York Assistant Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-5775
Sohn, Hong Yong Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-5491
Solomon, D. Kip Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7231
Spurlock, Dorothy Office Assistant Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-5160 jan.miller@utah.ed
Steenburgh, W. James Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-8727
Strong, Courtenay Associate Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-0049
Thorne, Michael Associate Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-585-9792
Trentman, Daniel J. Computer Professional Dean's Office  801-581-3485
Tromp, Anita (Austin) Assistant to the Dean Dean's Office  801-585-9344
Tuitupou, Michelle Academic Advisor Geology & Geophysics 801-581-6553
Varble, Adam Research Assistant Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-581-3336
Wang, Xuming Research Associate Professor Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-1797
Wempen, Jessica Assistant Professor Mining Engineering  801-585-3029

Whidden, Katherine Research Siesmologist Seismograph Stations  801-581-4320
Whiteman, David Research Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-1414
Wicks, Brenda Academic Coordinator Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-6386

Wilson, Sara Administrative Manager Metallurgical Engineering  801-581-6386

Wright, Mary Ann Adjunct Instructor Mining Engineering    
Young, Joseph Research Associate Atmospheric Sciences
Zhdanov, Michael S. Distinguished Professor Geology & Geophysics  801-581-7750
Zipser, Edward J. Professor Atmospheric Sciences  801-585-0467
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